RMB-905-A | Richwood Master Series raised head bluegrass banjo 5-string

article number : RMB-905-A
product id: 43919

raised head bluegrass banjo 5-string, aluminium rim + tone ring, ebony fingerboard, 24 brackets
Richwood RMB-905-A

The raised head banjo has a crisper and much louder voice than its flattop counterpart, the RMB-905. This one will cut through any mix and will fit in with any modern bluegrass band.
It is a 900 series banjo and has the aluminium rim, ebony fingerboard and more elaborate MOP fingerboard inlay as all instruments of this range.


top: Remo weatherking white 11”
rim: aluminium
tonering: aluminium
resonator: mahogany
neck: mahogany
fingerboard: ebony
bridge: maple with ebony cap
tuners: high-grade Korean banjo style 4:1 ratio
truss rod: two way adjustable
scale length: 670 mm
total length: 960 mm
top nut width: 30 mm

nut material: bone
binding: ivoroid
finish: highgloss clear
hardware: chrome plated

tuning: G-D-G-B-D
brackets: 24
weight: app. 3,80 kg

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