Allparts Select

For some time we’ve carried an extensive range of Allparts guitar necks but recently we were able to add 'Select Series' necks. These necks are produced in very limited numbers and are only offered by a small number of suppliers. We are very happy and honoured that Allparts has chosen us to supply the Select Series!

The series is based on high quality quartersawn or AAA+ flamed roasted maple. It involves unvarnished and varnished necks for Strat, Tele and Jazzmaster. Plenty of choice for luthiers but also for guitarists to upgrade their guitars. Exceptionally, in addition to maple, there are also a number of rare full rosewood necks.

You can view our Allparts Select Series assortment here. We can’t reorder these necks, so for these their availability is truly ‘as long as supplies last’.

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