MRC-TLSCW | Boston Master Relic Series Teaser screw set complete

article number : MRC-TLSCW
product id: 42762

Teaser screw set complete, relic
This is a very special set of screws, springs and pickup rubbers specially for blackguard tele models. The very hard to find slothead screws are period accurate and can be used to give your blackguard project just the right touch.

4 x neck screw
2 x neck pickup screw with springs
3 x bridge pickup screws with rubbers
4 x bridge screw
4 x switch screw
7 x machine head screw
2 x strap button screw
2 x control plate screw
5 x pickguard screw

This set of screws is part of our program of reliced guitar parts, both metal and plastic, to match the look of your reliced or vintage instrument,

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