MRC-STSCW | Boston Master Relic Series Stallion screw set complete

article number : MRC-STSCW
product id: 42761

Stallion screw set complete, relic
Complete set of pickguard screws for ST-style pickguard. The finishing touch for your reliced ST style guitar!

6 x pickup screws with rubber spacers
2 x switch screws
2 x jack cover switch
6 x back plate screws
8 x pickguard screws

Aged chrome. This set is part of our reliced metal and plastic parts to complement your reliced or vintage instrument.

This set contains 8 pickguard screws as needed in vintage pickguards. If you prefer to use a modern pickguard, please add the set of 12 pickguard screws TS-01-N/REL to your order.

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