DVB-5 | Boston USB digital video borescope

article number : DVB-5
product id: 35519

USB digital video borescope, 5 megapixels, with LED illumination with photo function
Working platform: Windows
Camera outer diameter: 7mm
Tube length: 50cm
Tube hardness: Mild hard
Waterproof level: IP67
Focus: Fixed focus
Object distance: 3-6cm
Magnification: 50x
Photograph : anti-tremble picture capture function
Videography : high compression/Video Record with extra-long time & 11 hours only take up 3.5H memory
Measurement : Length, arc length and angle
Focusing : auto-focusing
Light source : adjustable LED illumination (USB interface)
Max size : 13mmx500mm
Pixels : 1.3 - 5M
Display speed : 30fps
Interface : USB 2.0

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