CC-10-PA | Salvador Cortez Student Series classic guitar

article number : CC-10-PA
product id: 40996

classic guitar, cedar top, sapele back and sides, 1/4 párvulo model
The CC-10 by Salvador Cortez is a very decent and affordable entry-level guitar for orienting and beginning guitarists. The CC-10 has a distinctive sound and has a very neat and durable finish.

The CC-10 falls into the category of classical guitars with nylon strings that are easier to play for beginning guitarists than the steel strings of eg western guitars.The playability is guaranteed by the presence of an adjustable truss rod.

Your dealer can ensure the perfect string height during regular maintenance in minutes. A truss rod is increasingly present in the higher price range of classical guitars, but at Salvador Cortez guitars it's a standard feature.

- 1/4 párvulo model

top wood: cedar
back and sides: mahagony
fingerboard wood: black walnut/juglans nigra
bridge wood: black walnut/juglans nigra
scale length: 480 mm
neck joint: dovetail
trussrod: dual action
top nut width: 45 mm
12th fret neck width: 54 mm
string spacing nut: 38 mm
string spacing bridge: 54 mm
upper bout width: 229 mm
waist width: 197 mm
lower bout width: 298 mm
body length: 384 mm
body depth: 78 mm
soundhole diameter: 82 mm
finish: highgloss

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