SPT-61-BK | Crumar MOJO 61 bag

article number : SPT-61-BK
product id: 40828

MOJO 61 bag, 30 mm. padded, black
SPT-61-BK is a sturdy, lightweight gig bag for the Crumar Mojo 61. The SPT-61, with its 3cm lining, provides adequate protection for your instrument and can be used as a carrying case and as trolley bag. It also provides handles on both sides for comfortable lifting with 2 people when needed.

A gig bag keeps your instrument lightweight as opposed to eg. a flight case. The SPT-61 is equipped with a large storage compartment divided into two smaller separate compartments, where your accessories such as a sustain pedal or a compact volume pedal go into. Of course there is also room for a lunchbox, sheet music, a tablet or other accessories.

Disclaimer: The wheels are designed for transport on smooth surfaces and are not suitable for transport on sidewalks, pavers and so on.

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