PHANTASMA | Acus double source pickup system with external pre-amp for steelstring or nylonstring guitar

article number : PHANTASMA
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double source pickup system with external pre-amp for steelstring or nylonstring guitar
The Acus Phantasma is born from the need to have a high quality guitar amplification that meet sthe following requirements:

- Great, natural sound
- Lightweight and the least invasive possible pickup system. Without controls and battery on board. This way the integrity of the guitar remains intact without possible vibrations.
The Phantasma consist of an internal microphone capsule and undersaddle piezo. The piezo has a thickness of 0,8 mm. The total weight is only 30 grams.
- The Phantasma provides the circuitry in an external compact preamp box, connected to the guitar by a stereo cable (included).
The Class A preamp takes into account all the constructive characteristics of the instrument and returns to the output an extremely natural sound. The sound is adjustable with LPF and HPF filters, separate gain controls for microphone and piezo and a master volume.

- No feedback. Acus engineers researched the "X zone" of resonance frequencies to avoid amplifying these frequencies. Its operating principle is based on the combination of the harmonics picked up by the microphone with those captured by the piezo, and th euse of filters that simultaneously attenuate the resonance frequencies that create feedback.

- One preamp for more guitars. The Phantasma preamp is fit for both nylonstring guitars as well as steelstring guitars. The piezo/mic inside each guitar and one preamp will work perfectly.

- Dynamics. This system has excellent dynamics and enhances any guitar style including body tapping, full body percussion and flamenco styles.

The pre-amp is powered by either a 9 Volt battery or with a (non-included) powersupply. 9 volt, negative tip, like the GLX GPS-800

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