E2-dual | MagicSing karaoke system with 2 wireless microphones

article number : E2-dual
product id: 44173

karaoke system with 2 wireless microphones, online streaming service, case
The MagicSing E-2 dual karaoke device brings families and friends together for a memorable time. With over 20 years of experience in making karaoke systems, EnterMedia has developed one of the most advanced karaoke systems in the world. With its intuitive user-friendly interface and simple design, users can easily customize melody, tone, echo, tempo, and other functions to produce the best singing experience.

The MagicSing E-2 can display musical notes onto the TV while the music continues to play. Users also have the option to further customize their background display by inserting a USB or SD card port. A second wireless microphone comes as standard but you can add a wired third microphone which is available for sale so you can sing with up to three people at the same time.

Product Features
- WiFi – Connect to WiFi and stream 10,000+ English/Pop songs
- SUBSCRIBE – Subscription is required to access songs in Dutch, German, French, Italian, Spanish, English but also Tagalog, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Vietnamese and more!
- UPDATES – New songs are updated weekly for all MagicSing Karaoke users
- INCLUDES – Two (2) wireless microphones, a third wired microphone is optional.
- MAGICSING APP – Download the free European MagicSing Karaoke app from the Google Play store or the Apple app store
- REAL-TIME MUSIC NOTES – Real-time music notes are available for most songs with full HD background support
- SEARCH SONGS WHILE SINGING – Search and reserve songs while singing by Title, Artist and Lyrics
- SUPPORT – Full HD, HDTV, Extra microphone port, USB flash drive, Micro SD card support and multi-language compatible
- CUSTOMIZABLE – Customize background display, melody, tone, echo, tempo and other karaoke functions
- SCORE SYSTEM – Watch your score rise as you sing your favorite song

- Base Unit : 35,5 (W) x 35,5 (H) x 9,5 (D)
- Wireless Microphone : 1.83? (W) x 1.83? (H) x 10.23? (D)
- Weight: 1.500 gr
- Base Unit : 0.35 lb
- Wireless Microphone : 0.46 lb
- Audio Output: RCA 1.8? (3.5mm)
- Video Output: HDMI
- Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (FHD), 1280 x 720 (HD)
- Power Supply: AC Adaptor (DC 9V / 1.5A)

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