Jucar-CD | Esteve Organic Series

article number : Jucar-CD
product id: 44140

Organic Series, solid cedar top, tilo b&s, wenge fb & bridge, eco satin finish, non-Cites wood
The Jucar-CD is an eco friendly and Cites-free full scale classic guitar. All wood used in this beautiful instrument is from non-endangered species, the finish is a water-based, eco-friendly, satin finish. This gives the Jucar a natural and friendly look and a great sound, the finish doesn't inhibit the sound in any way.
The 50 mm neck is narrower, making this a modern instrument that will please those looking for great playability.
The cedar top is quick in response and adds warmth to the sound. The dark tilo back and sides have the dark look of rosewood without being an endangered wood species, the sound is lively and has a similar robust sound as rosewood.
Every Esteve guitar is handmade by the best guitar builders in Valencia, Spain.

top wood: solid cedar
back and sides wood: dark tilo
fingerboard wood: wenge
bridge wood: wenge
neck wood: okoume
scale length: 650 mm
nut width: 50 mm
neck joint: Spanish
nut and sadle: bone
strings: Savarez Corum medium tension
finish: waterbased lacquer

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