650KAS | Knobloch Sterling silver CX string set classic MHT (Sterling silver and CX carbon)

article number : 650KAS
product id: 42450

string set classic MHT (Sterling silver and CX carbon)
The very best basses with very precise and punchy CX carbon trebles.

Knobloch sterling silver basses bring a refinement to the sound through the use of this highly valued material. The high-quality sterling silver gives a warm and pure sound with profound sustain. They offer unsurpassed durability, retaining their brillaince and warmth longer than other strings. Designed for the professional guitarist looking for a smooth, deliate and full-bodied sound.

The CX carbon trebles are designed for the guitarist who is looking for more punch and volume. They bring brilliance and clarity to the sound and increase projection. The thinner diameter yields a very precise and well balanced tone. A modern sound

They maintain precise intonation in any position and offer an exquisite, even response and vibrato.
This 650 series set is of medium high tension.

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