450KAQ | Knobloch Double Silver QZ string set classic MHT (double silver and QZ nylon)

article number : 450KAQ
product id: 42426

string set classic MHT (double silver and QZ nylon)
The combination of double silver basses and QZ nylon.

The double silver basses are designed for the musician who needs well balanced strings with big resonance and a beautiful tone. Should you need even more sustain and durability, you can try our sterling silver basses.

Our special QZ nylon treble strings have a thinner diameter and produce a warm sweet sound with more elegance and class than traditional nylon strings. These strings are very musical and in tune. For more bite and punch, our CX carbon trebles would be the string of choice.
Knobloch strings are made by guitarist who understand your needs.

The 450 set is of medium high tension.

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